Where Our Oil Is Born


Nestled in the Florentine hills, 360 to 500 meters above sea level, the Fattoria Poggio di Fiesole’s microclimate provides the ideal growing environment for olive trees. The farm’s clean air, desirable altitude, favorable exposure, continuous ventilation, and pure, rich soil allows our trees to flourish. Due to these prime growing conditions, the fattoria’s 3,300 trees of traditional varieties, such as Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, and Moraiolo, produce a nutrient dense, high quality, organic extra virgin olive oil with a distinctive character.




How we collect olives


Our harvest season begins in October and finishes by the close of November. Careful observation of the trees and their olives tell us when the fruits are at their peak and will yield the highest quality oil. The ideal olive has the levels of polyphenols and aromatic compounds in perfect harmony. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that lend a bitter accent to extra virgin olive oil. Aromatic compounds, derived from our rich soil, further enhance the taste of the oil. When the delicate balance between these two elements is achieved, the harvest commences. We take great care to ensure that our olives reach the mill in prime condition and do not sustain physical stress or temperature changes. To achieve this, we handpick the olives; transport them in ventilated, partially filled crates; and press the fruit within 12 hours of "stripping.”



From the mill to the orciaia: how we produce and store our oil


Once in the mill, we carefully monitor the olives as they undergo the delicate transformation into extra virgin olive oil. Our cold extraction method preserves the oil’s distinct taste and its rich nutritional properties. After pressing, the oil is immediately filtered to help ensure a longer shelf life and to maintain the quality of the oil. Finally the filtered oil is stored in steel vats at a constant temperature. This storage method protects the oil from the risk of oxidation thanks to argon, an inert gas that preserves the freshness of the oil and its flavor profile.


The oil we produce


Here at Poggio di Fiesole we proudly produce only organic extra virgin olive oil, using exclusively healthy, perfectly ripped olives from our farm. Each season we have our oil analyzed at internationally recognized laboratories. We are pleased to state that this analysis certifies the excellence of our product ; an oil with a very low level of acidity (less than 0.2%), peroxides well below the average, and a high content of polyphenols (higher than 600 mg / kg). Our oil is vibrant green in color and is characterized by a clean and persistent fruity green olive, with hints of red fruit, olive leaf, and chamomile. The level of bitterness settles on light tones balancing on the sweetness of the body together with a medium and persistent spicy. The bitter almond and artichoke emerge in the aftertaste.