3300olive trees
4000litres of oil
100years in business

Our values

1. Passion
Working in the fields is tiring, but we approach each day with gratitude and enthusiasm, knowing that the fattoria is located in one of the world’s most beautiful places and that the work in which we are engaged is rewarding.
2. Excellence
We are never satisfied. Every day, in everything we do, from the first pruning, to pressing the olives, our goal is always to extract the finest oil from the highest quality olives.
3. Research
We are grateful for the extensive cultural background that has been handed down to us by those who cared for the earth and plants before us. Our goal is to follow the path laid for us by our predecessors, with a watchful eye to the future. We hope to discover new practices that facilitate organic cultivation and continually strive to improve our product by researching methods that enhance the quality of our olives.
4. Harmony
We believe there is a balance that governs the relationship between the environment and humans. We strive to preserve the unique heritage of biodiversity that surrounds us and to maintain the natural beauty of the hills, olive trees, and peace.